Friday, 11 December 2009

Iris Bracelet is a new addition to the collection - I'm enjoying using bright combinations of beads to cheer me up on these dark days.
I think the Christmas tree might have to come out of the loft this weekend and some mulled wine purchased for the occasion...uuummmmmmm

Friday, 4 December 2009

So the first of the little sales was today and it went well! People seem to be addicted to bracelets. Is was good to lay all my wears out and realize just how much I have made!

I'm excited about the weekend, I have a bellydance workshop tomorrow afternoon and then Hafla in the evening.
Sunday is a Christmas craft fair so I'm sure what I earn will be reinvested into other peoples crafts!
Fun times!

Friday, 27 November 2009

This week has been slightly manic. I'm trying to understand the world of Twitter - so any advice or tips welcome! All I can see is that well it works. I don't know why or how? (Again any explainations welcome!)
Ok so I've stopped writing and decided to go outside for a little walk....

I just saw a full rainbow! Got totally soaked prior to that but well worth it.

So lots to look forward to! It's December next week and party season starts, woo! Also have 3 events booked to sell my creations at, can't wait to get meeting new people.

I think I'll paint the salt dough decorations I made this weekend....uummmm

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

So the lovely green fields are the view from our cottage and the others are just some of the prettier photos from the collection, Bala Lake and Caenarfon.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


So I spent a lovely week with my boyfriend in North Wales. We even attempted to climb Cadir Idris but Max the dog couldn't get over the last sty to the top - secretly we were quite relieved and I was more than ready for a cup of tea at that point.

We went into a lovely gift shop in Bala which had a collection of handmade jewellery by different designers - 1 had crafted everything from slate which I thought looked great so want to investigate how to drill and shape it now...... reasearch time......

Friday, 23 October 2009

These are some new bright creations

So our jewellery party went really well. The
people were lovely and we loved hearing all their opinions. We both made a pleasing amount so it eased our pockets at The Big Bead fair. I shopped til I dropped (quite literally - the bright lights are a killer!). With glass crystals, seed beads, semi precious in fact - whatever you wanted available, it was great!

I'm off to Wales for a week now - hiding away in a little cottage with my lovely boyfriend and his dog.
Have a great week and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Copper Earwires

The weekend was lovely, my cousin came to visit and we went to a gem of a pub that plays live jazz. I met new people who were very creative and we shared ideas (always good) and then baked a lovely chocolate cake which I managed to grab the last piece of yesterday with my tea. Bonus!

Yesterday was quite exciting for another reason too - my 1st seasonal veg box was delivered. I have the biggest pumpkin you've ever seen! Just as well I love pumpkin curry.

So on the creative front, well, I have my 1st jewellery party tomorrow with my friend which I'm excited about, we're crossing fingers we sell at least a few bits to cover some of our big bead show spending....... we know what we're like. Us, room full of the best beads England has to offer - dangerous!
I've also ventured into the world of making my own copper earwires. They are great, the copper is easy to work with and looks effective when hammered flat. I feel a collection coming on!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Woo I got to wear my fascinator at the weekend! My cousin looked beautiful. When the photos are out I'll post a pic of the wedding.

So from twisting crystals on my fascinator I thought I'd try with some labradorite chips and created a necklace. I'm pleased with it but finishing off such thick wire in a neat fashion is quite a challenge (hence that bit not pictured!). At least it's just for me so if I stab myself in the neck it's not so bad.......

Monday, 28 September 2009


Well everyone seems to be wearing them at weddings now so my black and white hat is going to have a break for my cousins wedding on Saturday. I hit hobbycraft last week and have created my version of a fascinator. I was really pleased with it and can't wait to wear it!

Friday, 18 September 2009

I've had a successful wildlife week this week. The place were I work was releasing painted lady butterflies for charity so I helped set them free and had the one above pose for me on my hand!
Even this dragonflies like the blackberries! They are very yummy and sweet!
And I was surprised the blue tip damselflies are still about but it was sunny so they obviously thought they'd show themselves.
I did a bit of lampworking Monday night - Elisa and yellow glass are not such good friends! 3 out of the 4 beads broke clear in half - I think they cooled too quick so I put them under stress - boo!
I'm off to a goth night tonight which I'm quite excited about - lots of big make up and dancing!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Do you ever just not feel creative?

I got back from Venice last week and my hand couldn't draw the Venice inspired designs fast enough. Yet this week - I'm just not feeling it.

I definately don't think you can force creativity because I'm sure if I do I won't be happy with my creations. Maybe it's a sit on the sofa, eat lots of homemade comfort food and drink wine week.

Ummm I guess other creative people feel like this to - I've heard of writers block maybe I've got jewellery block.

Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and the cloud will be lifted!

Friday, 21 August 2009

So last Friday came and went soo quick. Mum had a lovely birthday and the cake, well tasted like cake!

Saturday was birthday party, picnic, birthday party, me and boyfie were shattered by the end of it but it was lovely to see everyone and eat yummy food and drink yummy vodka!

This week has been a bit of a weird 1, I've got lots of little jobs to do in the flat but they never seem to get done - except the constant washing, washing up, watering tomatoes cycle!

My tomatoes are soo tasty I'm really pleased and think I'll have some with my homous on toast later!

I've made some funky pieces this week I especially like my cool cubes necklace and as a trial thought I'd put a couple on ebay to test the water - you never know..........

Monday, 10 August 2009

This weekend has been interesting - my mum was diagnosed a celiac a few months ago and as it's her birthday this Friday I set myself the challenge/adventure of making her a birthday cake. Trying to find the ingredients took me into 2 health food shops and several supermarkets without much luck until today! My boss bird and I went to the big tesco for a bit of top up shopping and found the mystery ingredient xanthan gum powder!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Soo much creativity!

Last week went well, I had another sale and had some good making ideas which I put into practice and listed on Friday. I think that it's a good aim to list a couple of new things each week on a Friday. Huuummm.......

Sunday was lets have a play making a stained glass window day! And left is my final result! I was soo pleased - I cut - well most of it, designed and soldered together my reverse kingfisher bird!
Nancy from Artworks ran the day session and she is just lovely! If you live near Midhurst in West Sussex you should definately sign up to something creative - I will be trying my hand at other things! Watch this space!

This picture has been 60's styled LOL! But it shows quite well the green streaks in my hair and my rather crazy looking boyfriend!
I showed my friend yesterday have to make glass beads on my kitchen table. I haven't done it in a while so was pleased to get back into it, I think it's more for the winter - hot work!
Then today - as the gorgeous crystals arrived at the weekend I spent my lunchtime making hair grips for my cousin's wedding. I hope she likes them. I've sent her a picture. They are more difficult to do than they look - maybe it was the headpins fault!! x x x x

Monday, 27 July 2009


So here I am with my cousin on her birthday. She is a very creative lady herself and I admired her cusion covers and the chairs she had recovered.

There was also a reminder that actually we used to make jewellery when we were little. Visit the bead shop and string our selections on to elastic. Funny how you forget stuff like that.

Lucky for me a new bead shop had opened in Seaford so I bought some lovely dyed pearls amongst other things!

What a fab weekend ending with a snuggle up on the sofa with my lovely boyfriend.

Friday, 24 July 2009

I can't believe it is nearly the weekend already. I'm looking forward to seeing my cousin as it is her birthday and she's having a party in her new flat. Woo!

So creation stations are stopping for the weekend, I've made a couple of new pieces this week of which I'm especially proud of my green bead weave as it was me experimenting.

Maybe it turned out so well as I'm having a witchy week - I've got bright green streaks in my hair now and went to see Harry Potter on Weds. I was told by a man at work that I resembled the "orange Wednesday witch"! "I don't like to go to the cinema on my own!" I thought that was funny. I'll try get a picture of my witchyness!

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Jewellery shop is up and running!

So the shop is up and running - it takes more work than I expected (nieve I guess), I'm a 1 stop shop - I forgot that if I sold stuff I needed suitable packing! And to my delight I have sold a few pieces and Lara and I keep joking about our international stardom! LOL! x

Thursday, 16 July 2009


I like many am a list writer (hands up all of those who are with me!), I write to do lists several times a week, shopping lists, what to pack when I go away lists, they help, honest, I think without them my life would be even more chaos. The point I'm getting to is this week like any other began with a list and I'm doing pretty well.... I've designed and made some more jewellery, done lots of chores and seen all the people I was suppose to. I also decided it was about time I put a gallery together of all my designs. Above is Goldstone Glisten one of the pieces I made this week. I just love purple and orange together.
I found trying to understand the world of taking a good picture to be a challenge. My conclusion is the natural light is better but if the weather is rubbish make do with a photo editing tool (As seen above - this pic was darker)!

Friday, 10 July 2009


I am lucky enough to have an Aunt and Uncle that live in Spain. With cheap flights available I thought it was about time I made a visit. So hence the absence!

I ate soo much lovely Spanish cusine which made me question why so many tourists search for classic Brit dishes when on holiday???? This puzzles me.

Churras with chocolate!!! UUUMMMM!

I visited La Mata salt lake - this is a protected Ramsar wetland and we saw treats like the Montagu harrier, flamingoes, avocets and black winged stilts - I wanted to see eared grebes but as it was about 40 degrees we couldn't spend long birding or we would have melted! Definate unexpected treat though. Thank you Auntie!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

All things summery....

Ok so to follow on from my last post above is a picture of Farlington from my walk. It is a protected site and is great for waders and other water birds.

This weeks focus seems to be back to jewellery and beads. I've been looking into fresh jewellery designs and trying to suss out the best way to photograph my existing pieces. I like the idea of using trees, bark as my stands - I've looked at soo many pieces displayed on laminate floor in poor light that I want to spend a bit of time on this. As for creating I'm getting my new designs down on paper but finding the time to create them is something else. Along side my jewellery making I've started to dabble in making glass beads. I use the hothead set up with a can of mapp gas so you can only do short sessions before it freezes up but if you plan them well you can make about 5 or 6 beads. Handmade glass beads are magical, they are like mini pieces of art and the creations some of the more experienced lampworkers make are just breathtaking. The problem is this - of course it encourages you to run before walk but I need to take a step back and master the basics! From before I took a photo of the lapis/bluestone necklace to give you a taster.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bellydance and Birdwatching!

It was the Gosport carnival at the weekend which is 1 of our dance troops (Rakshanda)highlight performances of the year - it is soo much fun and usually the weather is on our side! This year we performed 3 dances in the arena and wiggled on a float!

I was shattered so all I was fit for after dancing all day was bed - no exciting Saturday night for me!

Sunday we decided to have a walk around Farlington Marshes - we had Max the dog so I didn't dither for as long as I normally do but still saw the usual culprits - canada geese, shelduck, oystercatcher, godwits, redshank etc...

I made a lovely necklace too with lapiz, blue goldstone and glass beads, I'll have to take a pic.

Have a lovely evening!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Some orchids as promised...... pyramidal and common spotted.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Last night was rehurshal night - the other ladies and I tried on our new sparkly belly dance costumes and practised 3 different dances ready for next weeks carnival. I'm excited as I love doing the carnival it's soo much fun! Cross fingers for sunshine x

Today I spent lunch time looking at the newly flowered orchids - they are magnificent as soon as I find my cable I'll upload some of the pictures. I get totally lost when I take photos and have to remember my lunch hour is only an hour. I also had the pleasure of spotting the swans with their 2 cygnets - I hadn't seen them in a while so was a bit worried.

Have a lovely weekend! I'm off to Birmingham!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A quick wildlife update.....

I saw my 1st stag beetle of the year yesterday and my 1st banded demoiselle today!

While eating lunch I saw a great spotted woodpecker which is always a treat, lots of long tailed tits, canada geese and tufted ducks too.
I spent a lovely weekend with my friends and boyfriend. I find the sun always helps inspire you to get outside.

Saturday we planted out yet more tomatoes. Considering I thought they weren't growing I think I have at least 15 plants. The lonely courgette plant finally went out too.

Late evening my housemate decided the wind was right so we went to our local park to fly kites.
I spend more time watching than flying, it's soo relaxing.

Sunday was picnic day! WOO! We went to listen to a Who cover band at the seafront and didn't leave til gone 8.30pm...... lazy summer days are on there way.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

I'm soo pleased to see the beautiful irises in flower in the grounds where I work, there colour is just soo vibrant. I thought I'd take a picture to share with you.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I've had such a lovely Bank holiday.

Myboyfriend and I went to the beach and took great pleasure in watching a flock of dunlin running along the shoreline dodging the waves.

I planted out the lettuces - I was feeling brave, I don't have much luck with them. The tomatoes, gerkins, single courgette and all the herbs seem to be growing stronger, no casulties yet! Watch this!

Friday, 22 May 2009

I started to read a book last week where the main character writes a blog. I felt inspired and the urge to share the lovely things that make me smile in a day.....

today I sat near the lake to eat my lunch in the sunshine and saw the ugliest yet cutest baby coot which was just excellent.

I love soo many things. Wildlife, creative crafts and dancing are up there at the top.

I'm very excited and have enjoyed reading other blogs today..... I think this will be fun!