Thursday, 16 July 2009


I like many am a list writer (hands up all of those who are with me!), I write to do lists several times a week, shopping lists, what to pack when I go away lists, they help, honest, I think without them my life would be even more chaos. The point I'm getting to is this week like any other began with a list and I'm doing pretty well.... I've designed and made some more jewellery, done lots of chores and seen all the people I was suppose to. I also decided it was about time I put a gallery together of all my designs. Above is Goldstone Glisten one of the pieces I made this week. I just love purple and orange together.
I found trying to understand the world of taking a good picture to be a challenge. My conclusion is the natural light is better but if the weather is rubbish make do with a photo editing tool (As seen above - this pic was darker)!

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