Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Soo much creativity!

Last week went well, I had another sale and had some good making ideas which I put into practice and listed on Friday. I think that it's a good aim to list a couple of new things each week on a Friday. Huuummm.......

Sunday was lets have a play making a stained glass window day! And left is my final result! I was soo pleased - I cut - well most of it, designed and soldered together my reverse kingfisher bird!
Nancy from Artworks ran the day session and she is just lovely! If you live near Midhurst in West Sussex you should definately sign up to something creative - I will be trying my hand at other things! Watch this space!

This picture has been 60's styled LOL! But it shows quite well the green streaks in my hair and my rather crazy looking boyfriend!
I showed my friend yesterday have to make glass beads on my kitchen table. I haven't done it in a while so was pleased to get back into it, I think it's more for the winter - hot work!
Then today - as the gorgeous crystals arrived at the weekend I spent my lunchtime making hair grips for my cousin's wedding. I hope she likes them. I've sent her a picture. They are more difficult to do than they look - maybe it was the headpins fault!! x x x x

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