Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Flower Mill, Glass and commissions.

I'm pleased to say that the last week and a half have been very busy. This is great news on the run up to Christmas. Saying that I made time to pop into the Flower Mill at Boarhunt - this is amazing, wall to wall artificial flowers, feathers and sparkles! I have already made a fascinator but the temptation is to go even more ott than normal as the leaves I have picked up are sooo sparkly actually I have a pic..

Amazing hey! Below is a little taster of some new bracelets I made, I have also made hair grips, earrings this week but well you can visit if you fancy nosing at all of them. Tonight is commission delivery evening, with them all completed and in cute organza bags they are ready to be delivered. Have a lovely evening! E x Bird in a Tree Bracelet
Bombay Blue Bracelet

Friday, 12 November 2010

Also this week....

I totally forgot to say that the Winter Berries set I made for a commission has been finished and safely collected. Hope you like them....


It's been over a week as I've been off having fun and working hard as well. I took a few days out to see my uni friend and we enjoyed a night in Caen, France also Southampton and Brighton too. The Christmas shopping is in full swing and nearly finished.
I had to spend a few nights in central London for work but creativity has crept back in this week as I had Monday and Tuesday to work on some ideas. Above is Tamzin earring and bracelet set, this with the Krista earrings in Ernite below our part of the wedding jewellery classic collection I've been working on.

Above is Kimberley Fascinator in pink - very girly and striking against brunette hair.