Thursday, 28 October 2010

Too many ideas too little time!

Take 2! Isn't it frustrating when you write a post then manage to delete it all, doh!
This week has been great I've been finding ideas everywhere - supermarket, walking down the street, other people, you name it but there just isn't enough time to put it all in practice. Saying that I have had a productive week you wouldn't think I'm working full time as well. Ok so you just know what a jewellery nerd I am - well I'm proud!
I got my fused glass back and spent Tuesday evening armed with serious glue. I was particularly pleased with my twistie pendant (I made the twisties other week with Carl).

I haven't experimented with brown glasses before so gave that a go and made these beads....

Also the week wouldn't have been complete without some wirework designs for the wedding collection. I lovely Garnet hair band and a Peridot mini comb.

So just to prove I have a life other than craft (hard to believe and well not really true!) I am taking 4 days off to have some fun days out with my friend including a day trip to France. Very excited, I love wine and cheese. Have a lovely week! x

Friday, 22 October 2010

Fancy dress, fused glass and and the flu.

Last Friday I went to a fab fancy dress party pic above can you guess? LOL!

So it started well but by the end of the evening my voice was getting more and more croaky. I then made it into the studio Saturday and did make some new funky fused glass pieces. Can't wait to see how they come out of the kiln....that will be next weeks treat.
Sunday morning well from then til yesterday I had the flu and the itis's. I am now in full anti biotic mode so well on the mend but I am the kind of person that doesn't get ill so I didn't cope with it very well, sleeping and not being able to move just doesn't cut it with me! So super pleased to be back in action and made a funky wirework bracelet for myself as a treat!
Have a great weekend, E x

Friday, 15 October 2010

New listings and more time on the torch.

Starscape bracelet is the newest item in my collection of goodies. I fell in love with these teal glass stars.
As it was sunny quite a lot this week I took a couple of walks around the lake in my lunch hours and found time to take pictures of my fused glass pendants. The 2 below are my favourites.

I've been trying to make my fused glass jewellery a bit different to just doing the standard pendant. Falkor and Cotton Candy necklaces below have a slightly different twist and I like the results so I think I'll make some similar. I'm back in the studio tomorrow so should be fun to try out.

My glass adventure continues some new glass colours arrived this morning and a trip to my dentist for a check up landed me some new tools to play with! Cross fingers I'll get a chance to play inbetween a fancy dress party, fused glass in the studio, leaving do and gig! Busy weekend but all fun! Have a great 1 x x x

Friday, 8 October 2010

Lampworking, shopping and admin!

I've had soo many ideas buzzing around my head I'm pleased to have my diary to hand to write list upon note to try to keep me on track.

So first of all - I thought hey what is this video malarky about so above is a little clip of Freya the tiara, as it was sunny for the first time in ages I thought why not let her twinkle!

This week has been great. I had a one to one lesson lampworking with Carl Martin at my hothead. We explored twisties, hearts and flowers. Was just what I needed to get me all enthused again and filled me full of new possibilities. So watch this space for pics!

I shopped a little re stocking on tiara bases and boxes also a whole new selection of semi precious beads to play with. Probably shopped a bit too much but haven't had a big bead spend up for a while so don't feel too guilty and my postman is really friendly so that helps when all the little parcels start to arrive - hee early Chrimbo!

As you already know if you've read my blog before I am rubbish when it comes to the admin side of things. So this week I set myself a little challenge and have been trying to add 2 new items to my Etsy shop everyday to try and get up to date again. So far so good so go have a nose at all the new stuff!!

So it's the weekend again, have a great 1! E x