Friday, 21 February 2014

New Bird Decal Fused Glass Pendants

How is everyone this week? I did a tac fuse on a range of bits that had been on the to do and well I ran the new kiln a bit too low. The glass came out attached but didn't look like it had been fused. Oh dear! The torch got fired up and did a bit of stringer work practice, I want to suss out winding the stringer continuously 1 without burning myself and 2 without over heating. I'm getting there! I also got these new design bird decal pendants in the kiln - I especially love the flamingo. Think I need one in my life maybe in yellow! Have a great weekend, E x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

February already - how did that happen?

I assure you that it has been all go behind the scenes here. I got a fab second hand Skutt Hotstart Pro so as you can imagine my ideas bank is in overdrive with all this new space to play with. January also saw the arrival of some new textured glass to test out. There are unfinished testers all over the place but hey this is what the beginning of the year is all about. Reviewing products, trying out new ones, looking back at last years mistakes and the dreaded tax return which actually was really alright. So 2014 is set to be awesome. Here are a few old faithful designs. Have a romantic Valentine's tomorrow, Elisa x