Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Farlington Marshes and My Newest Creation

So despite the weather, rain and freezing cold wind my Dad and I had a great day at Farlington Marshes with fellow birdwatchers. We saw avocet, curlew, dunlin, turnstone, knot, grey plover, redshank, godwits, merlin, brent geese, wigeon, goldeneye to name just a few..... what was extra special for me was seeing a harbour seal. They are just adorable.

Summer Berries is my newest creation - I'm really enjoying experimenting with wire to create some more elaborate designs.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

I'm soo excited - I booked a day ticket for Flame Off 2010. Lots of amazing lampworkers all in 1 room = an inspiration explosion!!! Roll on April.

Today I visited Carl and Denise at the Wibbly Wobbly Glass workshop - this was a great find as they offer workshops in everything I could want and its close to where I live. Double bonus.

Jewellery party tonight...... wish me luck, I'm still on my quest to convert to bulk fuel.

Birdwatching with my Dad tomorrow so if the weather was as sunny as today visibility will be perfect.

Hope your having a lovely weekend. E x

Monday, 15 February 2010

Wow what a lovely weekend -
I went to Making Space Saturday and did a day with Kate O'Connell. I've had a play with glass cutting before for my stained glass panel but Saturday was all about fusing.
I designed a clock based on the idea of creatures from the deepest sea - dark purple with neon creatures. I'm getting it tack fused to keep the texture and can't wait for the results. Watch this space....

Yesterday I was bought roses - in the Elisa sense that I have an indoor rose plant and an outdoor rose climber courtesy of my lovely boyfriend. We also did a family meal which is always great fun with my family as they are just great company - no they didn't pay me to say that!

So this week... I finally got my hand me down sewing machine re conditioned so hoping to have a play with that and some more wire twisting I think might be in order. Have a great week. x

Friday, 5 February 2010

Claret Stars and Bollywood Balls

Ok so I had a play at this reducing business ( my version - piece of tinfoil covering the holes on my hothead). It was easier to do without burning yourself than I imagined but I didn't achieve my desired effect but hey ho, all about practice.
Good news though, my journey from mapp gas to bulk fuel has started thanks to gumtree. I'm off to collect a 13kg can of propane at the weekend. Cool!!!
I made a few new bits this week and they got sold immediately so I was really pleased!

Have a great weekend! X