Wednesday, 24 June 2009

All things summery....

Ok so to follow on from my last post above is a picture of Farlington from my walk. It is a protected site and is great for waders and other water birds.

This weeks focus seems to be back to jewellery and beads. I've been looking into fresh jewellery designs and trying to suss out the best way to photograph my existing pieces. I like the idea of using trees, bark as my stands - I've looked at soo many pieces displayed on laminate floor in poor light that I want to spend a bit of time on this. As for creating I'm getting my new designs down on paper but finding the time to create them is something else. Along side my jewellery making I've started to dabble in making glass beads. I use the hothead set up with a can of mapp gas so you can only do short sessions before it freezes up but if you plan them well you can make about 5 or 6 beads. Handmade glass beads are magical, they are like mini pieces of art and the creations some of the more experienced lampworkers make are just breathtaking. The problem is this - of course it encourages you to run before walk but I need to take a step back and master the basics! From before I took a photo of the lapis/bluestone necklace to give you a taster.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bellydance and Birdwatching!

It was the Gosport carnival at the weekend which is 1 of our dance troops (Rakshanda)highlight performances of the year - it is soo much fun and usually the weather is on our side! This year we performed 3 dances in the arena and wiggled on a float!

I was shattered so all I was fit for after dancing all day was bed - no exciting Saturday night for me!

Sunday we decided to have a walk around Farlington Marshes - we had Max the dog so I didn't dither for as long as I normally do but still saw the usual culprits - canada geese, shelduck, oystercatcher, godwits, redshank etc...

I made a lovely necklace too with lapiz, blue goldstone and glass beads, I'll have to take a pic.

Have a lovely evening!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Some orchids as promised...... pyramidal and common spotted.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Last night was rehurshal night - the other ladies and I tried on our new sparkly belly dance costumes and practised 3 different dances ready for next weeks carnival. I'm excited as I love doing the carnival it's soo much fun! Cross fingers for sunshine x

Today I spent lunch time looking at the newly flowered orchids - they are magnificent as soon as I find my cable I'll upload some of the pictures. I get totally lost when I take photos and have to remember my lunch hour is only an hour. I also had the pleasure of spotting the swans with their 2 cygnets - I hadn't seen them in a while so was a bit worried.

Have a lovely weekend! I'm off to Birmingham!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A quick wildlife update.....

I saw my 1st stag beetle of the year yesterday and my 1st banded demoiselle today!

While eating lunch I saw a great spotted woodpecker which is always a treat, lots of long tailed tits, canada geese and tufted ducks too.
I spent a lovely weekend with my friends and boyfriend. I find the sun always helps inspire you to get outside.

Saturday we planted out yet more tomatoes. Considering I thought they weren't growing I think I have at least 15 plants. The lonely courgette plant finally went out too.

Late evening my housemate decided the wind was right so we went to our local park to fly kites.
I spend more time watching than flying, it's soo relaxing.

Sunday was picnic day! WOO! We went to listen to a Who cover band at the seafront and didn't leave til gone 8.30pm...... lazy summer days are on there way.