Friday, 21 January 2011

Wedding Fayre and New Cufflinks.

As promised I took some photos of the newly arrived boxes. I'm really pleased and think they look great with the bright pink tissue paper.
So this weekend is my first big wedding event of the year at The Solent Hotel in Fareham, Hampshire. If your in the area pop along - there will be over 50 exhibitors including Elisa Loves.
I'm really excited and a little bit nervous, I've got some lovely new stock and look forward to speaking to lots of brides to be.
Tomorrow to keep me from checking my lists and for a well deserved day off I'm going to a wine tasting day. I have never been to one before so am not quite sure what to expect but I won't be spitting out any wine! Have a great weekend, E x
Below our a few pairs from the New collection of fused glass cufflinks. These will be made to order at £15 per pair.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

January Whirlwind!

So after booking the Wedding Fayres in the 1st week of January I had to get into organisation mode.
I wasn't happy with the tiara boxes I was using so spent hours searching for new and improved alternatives. My delivery of 30 boxes arrived and I can't wait to get some tissue paper to perfect them and I'll picture next week. They are hexagonal black and white striped hat boxes made smaller to suit tiaras and large fascinators. So that is one tick off the list!
Also I have been designing some new earrings which I have pictured below.
Vintage Glass Earrings
Katie Earrings

Enchanting Moonstone Earrings

Double Pearl Drop Earrings

These are all £15.00 a pair and made with sterling silver components.
In amongst my creativity I went to visit a friend in London and got to try out the newest craze pedicure where you have live fish nibbling your feet. Now I have super tickly feet and so relaxing it was not, I had to work hard to keep my feet in the water but I have to say my feet did feel a lot smoother and softer. I would recommend trying it just for the experience.
Now I mentioned before that I was going to be making some new cufflinks well I can say 6 new pairs are firing in my friends kiln as I write this! So can't wait to see how they turn out on Monday. I'm in the Making Space Studio Saturday so might make some more but think I might do some wacky jewellery......huuummmm where is my sketch book!
Have a lovely weekend, E x

Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
So 2011 is set to be even more exciting than 2010 for Elisa Loves.
I am back in the studio next week to add to my collection of NEW fused glass cufflinks
have more Swarovski crystal Jewellery and Tiaras in progress!
I will be exhibiting at The Solent Hotel 23rd January 2011
Portsmouth Guildhall 20th February 2011
for more information on these events