Friday, 13 July 2012

Distracted by exercise!

Ok I'll admit it. This week I have been totally distracted with my new membership to the gym. I've started my commissions and 3 new tiara bands but well nothing has got finished. I have never set foot in a gym in my 30years until this week and well I think I'm in the honeymoon zone. Let me give you the background - it was suggested I sign up because I attend 2 fitness classes a week and it works out cheaper to be a member. This then includes free swimming pool access and a gym program. I figured be rude not to try these out - yes everything in one week. Eek indeed, my abs are killing me. Now I can see the addiction but not for those who plod reading a paper on the tredmill - really what is the point? But if you have a little program to follow to achieve what you want then it's like a tailor made quick fix to making it happen. As you can imagine I'm time poor as most modern folk are and this extra hour can squeeze in without to much fuss. In the words on a 12 year old "AWESOME!" Have a fab weekend, E x