Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fused glass, seeds and wildlife.

I've had a great couple of weeks and super productive.

After visiting my cousin in Brighton seeing lots up and coming bands I headed back home fresh with ideas and ready to create.
Above finally is a picture of my completed fused glass clock - I'm really pleased with it and spent last Saturday creating more fused glass jewellery. I think I'm a little addicted and can't wait to get back in the workshop to do some more. Above is one of my favourite pieces that I've made so far.

My seeds got replanted Sunday - tomatoes (above), spinach and rocket (below) and peppers.

It's orchid time of year again! WOO! Above is the first Southern Marsh Orchid I've seen and below the beautiful White Hellaborine. Such a treat to be able to appreciate such wonderful flowers in my lunch hour. Big smiles!! Have a fantastic week!!

Friday, 14 May 2010

More wirework...

I thought I should get listing so put a few new bits up on Etsy this afternoon. Above Labradorite Star was 1 of them. It's a contination of my growing love for wirework.

Just a short post today as off to Brighton to see some bands with my cousin.

Have a great weekend! E x

Friday, 7 May 2010

Beads and well wine.....

This week has been about making glass beads and well drinking wine.

We had an education/disaster day at the May day fair. It wasn't really for us partly down to our presentation/displaying wasn't a high enough standard but people were out for 50p bargins and well I don't have anything that's 50p.

Met a lovely lady called Rachel though who specialises in fused glass. Her work is just beautiful and very inspiring.

I'm off on a course in fused glass jewellery this weekend so very excited!

My friend who showed me the wonders of silver clay is moving back to Bristol later this month so in her words we had to have "a few sherberts" or in my world wine! So Wednesday evening was filled with chatting, yummy Italian risotto and well more than a few sherberts!

Above is my favourite bead of the week - I melted together dark red, orange and dark yellow opaque and then swirled on some psyche.

Have a great weekend! E x x