Thursday, 28 October 2010

Too many ideas too little time!

Take 2! Isn't it frustrating when you write a post then manage to delete it all, doh!
This week has been great I've been finding ideas everywhere - supermarket, walking down the street, other people, you name it but there just isn't enough time to put it all in practice. Saying that I have had a productive week you wouldn't think I'm working full time as well. Ok so you just know what a jewellery nerd I am - well I'm proud!
I got my fused glass back and spent Tuesday evening armed with serious glue. I was particularly pleased with my twistie pendant (I made the twisties other week with Carl).

I haven't experimented with brown glasses before so gave that a go and made these beads....

Also the week wouldn't have been complete without some wirework designs for the wedding collection. I lovely Garnet hair band and a Peridot mini comb.

So just to prove I have a life other than craft (hard to believe and well not really true!) I am taking 4 days off to have some fun days out with my friend including a day trip to France. Very excited, I love wine and cheese. Have a lovely week! x

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