Monday, 27 September 2010

Wedding tastic!

So the last week has been super hectic but lots has been achieved. My How To article was published in the Surrey and Hampshire crafters newsletter so feel free to get inspired.
Below is a picture of me modelling the fascinator with Clint at the wedding.
I'm sure you can believe that I still haven't fired the copper clay creations I made last week although managed to take a picture. At least they are getting a good drying! I personally didn't get on so well with this stuff, I found it messy and it dried out really quick. Silver Clay was soo much easier to use, I guess you get what you pay for hey as copper comes in at under half the price. The pieces I've made below have used some lovely stamps I bought on etsy and some stolen from my card making box.
Weddings were a key theme as not only did I go to my cousin Ellie's but also did my first wedding fair yesterday. Below are a couple of samples Liliana Tiara and a lovely bride to be at the fair trying on the red Lara Tiara. Lets see what this week brings! x x

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