Friday, 11 February 2011

What a week? Karma hasn't been on my side that's for sure!

Well it hasn't all been bad this week but you know when lots of little things happen that you could really do without. It was one of those weeks.
So the first photo below is of some of my latest fused glass makes - they were mostly testing new ideas so it was a mixed bag of yipee that worked and oh dear that really didn't!

You have to laugh I got a day of sunshine, set up outside with the new Arabella Gothic Tiara and my camera died, nooooo! Then the next day, camara fully charged well it was pissing it down. So the photos are taken inside but have come out surprisingly well.

No sign of my Siam Swarovski's yet but I have been working on an elaborate swirly princess tiara design which I hope to finish at the weekend.
So tonight I will be having a large glass of wine to toast the end of a week where Karma hasn't been on my side - house mice, broken fridge, dripping shower, ex and no creative mojo. Hopefully the romance of Valentines will help resolve my empty purse.
On a positive note my work has been featured twice this week which was exciting Firstly in an Etsy Showcase
and Secondly by a fellow blogger
Have a great weekend, E x