Friday, 25 June 2010

Pulborough Brooks and Some new jewellery designs.

I had a lovely weekend in the studio making fused glass jewellery on Saturday and then Sunday with my Dad at Pulborough Brooks. We were lucky with the weather it was jumper weather but the sun kept peeking through. Our best spot was a spotted redshank - which admittedly was pointed out by a member of RSPB staff! The lovely tortoiseshell butterfly above sat and posed for me, I am quite clumsy and usually scare them off! Below are the most massive cows - they look quite small in the picture but I wouldn't want to meet 1 on a dark night no matter how passive they are!

An example of my fused glass jewellery

Green Goddess is a further wirework experiment - I love the effect wrapping the coloured wire has given but it look forever!

Below Billa Bang Necklace I feel needs no explaining it's just billa bang!
Have a great weekend x

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