Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Madrid, Tiara and my 1st picnic of the year.

My friend Lara and I headed off for a long weekend away in Madrid. Above is the palace square where it was great just to relax and take in the atmosphere - other tourists and locals enjoying the haven in this otherwise busy city. We watched flamenco, did some shopping, drank sangria and ate churros - not bad for 3 days!

So I finally finished Melissa's tiara. I really enjoyed making it and look forward to making others. She was really pleased and what can be better than a quirky design taylormade to you. :)
Woo I had my 1st picnic in the park with some great friends just catching up on all the fun stuff! I love picnics!
This weekend I'm hoping to take on a larger project - not quite so creative but the front of my flat needs painting! Cross fingers for sunshine! x x

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  1. I love this tiara!!! A handmade dream!!!