Monday, 12 July 2010

I'm back from holiday and in a creative zone!

My holiday went super quick. It was lovely to spend time talking with my family and friends and well just relaxing. Ireland has such beautiful scenery and I can't recommend it enough - just make sure you bring a raincoat!

The day after I got back Poppyfields Design and I had a stall at a ladies night. We made more of an effort with our display and were very pleased with the results.

What do you think? Any comments, tips are welcomed!

Saturday I was back in the Making Space studio - I always make glass jewellery and Saturday was no different but I decided to make a dish as well so the larger turquoise and orange square is getting slumped! I'm soo excited!!

I've been really lucky this week and just got asked today to go the Green Fair in Portsmouth this Saturday. Exciting times! Have a lovely week, E x x

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