Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tack Fuse and my first go at Silversmithing!

So I thought I should really picture the fusing process. Following on from my last blog I photographed my work area, the pre fused layout and then the pieces ready to go in my lovely little kiln. Now most people give their kilns a name and I haven't gone down this route. I once named a car but I don't tend to name inanimate objects as a general rule but maybe I should as it has become quite an important part of my life. Huuummm food for thought.

So the exciting new adventure I had was my first attempt at silversmithing. I attended a one day workshop to learn how to make a decorative sterling silver ring. I really enjoyed the process, cutting, decorating and even the shaping and soldering but what a dull process that is! I spent at least 2 hours making sure I wasn't going to hurt myself in anyway on sharp bits. I am wearing my new ring with pride. The theme I chose was bubbles.

Have a lovely day! Elisa :)

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