Friday, 30 April 2010

Bank holiday Weekend, yeah yeah!

I went on my walk around the lake this week and bumped into the Coot above with her ugly but oh soo cute chick and this gorgeous looking Swan below. The weather was great and the signs of Spring just stood out.

So I've made a selection of new bracelets this week. I'm doing a May Day fair on Monday and it seems to be that bracelets are always the big sellers, does everyone else find this?

I feel quite excited as if the weather is good about 10,000 people come through so cross fingers they'll spend a few pennies before hitting the beer tent!

I have also experimented some more with bead making - I attempted to make a bead with a frog in. Ok so not a real frog but a silver foil stamped out version. Also made lots of space age looking beads as worked out how to make the silver glass look pretty by reducing. I will take some pictures so you can see what I mean.
Have a great weekend! E x x

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